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Wenliang Li portrait

Wenliang Li

Ophthalmologist, The Central Hospital of Wuhan


Dr. Li Wenliang, 34 years old, first warned his colleagues on December 30th, 2019 about a possible outbreak of an illness that resembled severe acute respiratory syndrome, later identified as COVID-19. He became a whistleblower when tried to sound the alarm by sharing his warnings about the deadly Coronavirus were later shared publicly on social media. He was initially silenced and detained, long before Chinese authorities admitted just how dangerous and deadly the virus was. He was arrested with seven other whistleblowers. Li was eventually vindicated, and allowed to speak with reporters from his hospital bed, where he was being treated for the virus. But the resumption of his efforts to warn the public at large were cut short when he died just days later.

Li left behind his wife and one child.