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Rose Pulido

Medical Oncologist, San Juan de Dios Hospital


Dr. Rose Pulido was a medical oncologist from San Juan de Dios Hospital.

Charmaine Javier-Linao, a classmate from medical school at De La Salle University, remembered Pulido as a "good Samaritan.”

β€œShe shared her food and coffee, made me borrow her books (so) I can photocopy, even gave me money to pay for my school fees," Linao said, in a post on Facebook.

Her sister, Jeanie Pulido, posted this message.

"You were a very compassionate, dedicated, patient and caring doctor who devoted time to each patient, even charity patients. You had a sweet smile for everyone,” she said.

β€” by Yvette Fernandez for Esquire Philippines

46 years old.