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Romeo Gregorio Macasaet

Anesthesiologist, Manila Doctors Hospital


Dr. Greg Macasaet was an anesthesiologist at Manila Doctors Hospital. His wife and colleague, Dr. Evalyn Talens is currently hospitalized with COVID-19.

Macasaet's godson, Aboy Paraiso, shared in a Facebook post how Macasaet and his wife remained on duty during the crisis.

"If you know Ninong Greg, then like me you wouldn't be surprised at how everything unfolded and even his death speaks of the character of the man and his family. As he recounted to me, he and Ateng chose to stay when most of their colleagues chose to keep themselves safe and did not report for work.”

"And now Kuya Greg has made the ultimate sacrifice of life, not because he was forced or obliged to do so, but because of his dedication to his craft and his constant devotion to be of service to others," he added.

— by Yvette Fernandez for Esquire Philippines

Romeo Gregorio "Greg" Macasaet III was 62 years old.