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Raul Jara

Cardiologist, Capitol Medical Center


Dr. Raul Jara, a cardiologist, was the former president of the Philippine Heart Association.

His daughter, Ling Jara-Salva confirmed his death as she thanked the doctors, nurses, and staff of the Philippine Heart Center for caring for him from the time he was admitted to the hospital.

"His memory is not defined by how he died but how he lived. He dedicated his whole life to constant learning and teaching and molding future doctors," she said.

An alumnus of the UP College of Medicine, Jara loved to sing.

To celebrate Jara's life, Dr. Melfred Hernandez, a former student, paid tribute to him in song.

Members of the UPMedChoir paid tribute to their fallen professor with this song, “Salamat Sa Ating Guro.”

— by Yvette Fernandez for Esquire Philippines

Raul Diaz Jara was 71 years old.