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Other Heroes from Italy
Marcello Natali portrait

Marcello Natali

General Practitioner, Secretary, Federation of General Practitioners


Marcello Natali 13 09 1963 † 18 03 2020 Medico di Medicina Generale , segretario della Federazione dei medici di Medicina generale di Lodi – Lodi

Before his death, Dr. Marcello Natali repeatedly sounded the alarm about Italy's failing response to the crisis in media interviews.

"We weren't prepared for coronavirus," Natali, regional chief of the Federation of General Practitioners, told Euronews in one of the last interviews he gave before his death.

Natali warned about the lack of medical supplies available for fighting the coronavirus. While treating patients, he couldn't wear gloves because there weren't enough to go around.

56 years old.