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Francisco Avelino Siy Lukban

Cardiologist, Capitol Medical Center


Dr. Francisco Lukban was a cardiologist at Capitol Medical Center.

His wife, Riz, also a graduate from the U.P. College of Medicine, paid tribute to her husband, in a post shared by different colleagues on Facebook.

“On the day I brought him for swab testing, he heard that my department from PGH was asking for a list of volunteers among the consultants who would be willing to be 'frontliners.' He said he wants to go back to PGH and volunteer,” his wife wrote.

She said Lukban lived a full and happy life, fulfilled by his children, and “the birth of his first grandson Noah whom he absolutely adores; respected and loved by the elderly patients he cared for, loved by his close-knit family and few precious friends.”

“Everyone who worked with him in Capitol Medical Center (his second home) knows his academic brilliance, his strict adherence to protocol and excellence, and his great eloquence in airing out his principles and views,” his wife said.

— by Yvette Fernandez for Esquire Philippines

62 years old.