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Ashraf Metwally portrait

Ashraf Metwally

Family Physician

United States

Today, Dr. Ashraf Metwally passed away from COVID-19. He was one of my dad’s best friends. He emigrated from Egypt to the United States to start a family, just like my parents did. He was a doctor. He was a cancer survivor.

He was a staple in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He was known for helping out lower-income members of the Arab community. He guided me through a procedure I was afraid to get. He supported my journalism career. He always sided with me in playful arguments with my dad.

It’s been months since I was able to speak to him last, but my dad told me just last week, Dr. Metwally was helping out in local emergency rooms to deal with the influx of patients. He was a ball-buster, but helped people. That’s just who he was.

When you’re a producer covering a story day in and day out, you never really think the news could hit so close to home. But it has. And with that — if you know me or if you don’t, I urge you: please stay home, and please remember people like Dr. Ashraf Metwally.

Dahlia Ibrahim